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THE COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING at the the University of Colorado Boulder prepares students for careers in architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture design, and urban design. The college offers undergraduate education in these fields in an environment ideally suited to the needs of undergraduate students. With a diverse faculty committed to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, and creative and professional work, the college provides students with a varied range of learning opportunities.

Individual classes are delivered jointly by three departments: architecture studies, landscape studies, and planning studies. These courses of study prepare students for careers in one of the professions responsible for shaping the designed environment. In addition to these pre-professional emphases, the college also offers an interdisciplinary option: design studies. This program prepares students for other careers that value the special qualities that an education emphasizing design thinking and design practice offers. 

Many students intending to enter the design and planning professions complete the college’s undergraduate degree at CU-Boulder as preparation for entry into the college’s graduate-level professional programs at the University of Colorado Denver Downtown Campus, where they may receive advanced standing in those graduate programs as an outcome of the work they have done in the ENVD program. Graduate-level professional programs are offered by a wide range of schools and programs nationally, and students graduating from the college’s undergraduate program often receive advanced standing in those graduate programs as a result of the courses they will have completed as undergraduates in Boulder.